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Our aim is to attract a larger volume of audiences and build rapport with the broader artists in the media industry globally.

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Important warning: we will never ask any donator or contributor send through exchanges platforms or other payment services outside our website. So, make sure you send your contribution from an address that you directly and fully control securely.


Silvr360 offers special discounts on the private sale stage, the contributors intend to support our project. 

60% off discount

1 Silvrcoin = 0.01 ETH
Contribute or purchase 1 Ether or more  of  SILVR minimum
  • Start time: Q4 2019 UTC.
  • End time: Q4 2019 UTC.
  • The Cryptocurrencies accepted:
      ETH only
  • The quantity of tokens per person: 

      no limit





Note: If the target goal wouldn't be reached, the reached figure will add and move to the next Crowdfunding stage.

Transaction Cost: 0.09 ETH
purchase discount price:
1 Silvrcoin = 0.004 ETH



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