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Amanda A. Liu
media production director



Production managing director of the SILVR360 studio since 2018 when she founded the media production and distribution organization, is uniquely qualified to run this project, which she has developed since incorporation.


Amanda A. Liu is an actress in New Zealand and involved in TVC and other feature films in Australia as well. She has multiple qualifications and degrees, some in film producing of 3d animation & VFX, documentary directing and screenwriting in Australia. Other qualifications include postgraduate of professional legal studies in Australia and bachelor of marketing in New Zealand.


The 3d animation short films - ‘Little Spider’, ‘Two Racing Ball’ and ‘The Florence City’ are produced and directed by Amanda A. Liu. In the above projects, she also involved in screenwriting, directing and producing. Amanda A. Liu has inspired more passionate devotion of media producing and distribution in the entertainment industry. Distribution in our best quality collection of programs and collaboration from all over the world covering the entire media production or service for large volume of audiences is considered by SILVR360 studio experts as one of the world's top level, and will be a large aspect of the media marketing, production, exhibition, and distribution platform.

Patrick Ganley



Over 16 years of experience in the financial services industry across a variety of sectors including stock market research, wealth management services and capital raising. I've exercised responsibilities in a wide range of areas including Operations, Sales and Marketing, IT, Business Development, Business planning and strategy, Human Resources, Business Technology and FinTech as it relates to developing self-directed investment platforms for retail investors with a strong focus on digital and online strategies. 


Since the Dot-Com era I've been strongly interested and involved in emerging technologies that have the potential to cause disruption. At present I'm involved in numerous projects exploring the potential of the current wave of these platforms and technologies. The emergence of Blockchain is area I have a growing interest as I witnessed the emergence of the Internet in the late 1990's


Extensive experience in sales, marketing, operations, capital raising and business development.